that he will soon destroy...
	                                                  It contains a collec-
tion of                         antiquities of great artistic interest,
found in the City and its neighbourhood.

   The present           was designed
          taking advantage of the ruins                       .  Around
the right arm
            he raised a monumental series                    remarkable

	for the lofty               and      majestic          structures. Back
in the open we can admire                         an incomplete view.
Then we enter                                      the
      fountain       middle                       of    marble
children pouring water. We
fragment                 . From the garden we                   enter...

... that he will soon destroy

the whelk collection 10 - through a city of threaded glass that he will soon destroy - 0693

schubert - the trout + variations (*)
vanessa paradis - be my baby
van morrison - moondance
the songs - summer girl
sugar - if i can't change your mind
wham! - i'm your man
erasure - drama
marilyn monroe - i wanna be loved by you
the maisonettes - heartache avenue
the cure - catch
don wilkerson - dem tambourines
deee lite - deee lite theme
kitty lester - love letters

rain tree crow - blackwater
simon and garfunkel - cecelia
tori amos - happy phantom
lenny kravitz - it ain't over till it's over
the b52s - roam
talking heads - listening wind
p.m. dawn - looking through patient eyes
roy orbison - in dreams
curve - frozen
rain tree crow - boat's for burning
rem - find the river